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An Uncommonly Sensible Approach to
Dieting, Weight Loss & Self Transformation

Welcome to an exciting journey! Your Sacred Body is a life-changing approach to eating that will teach you how to achieve your ideal body by practicing the Sacred Body philosophy.

You can have the body you've always dreamed of — in fact, it's your birthright, and Your Sacred Body will guide you through a set of simple steps to achieve it.

You will learn to get in touch with your innate signals that tell you what and how much to eat. You will naturally achieve your ideal weight and metabolism.

If you've tried all the diet fads and torturous exercise regimes and still do not have the body you desire you're not alone. We're obsessed with diets, and diets don't work!

There is a more satisfying and fulfilling way to eat, without the rules and restrictions of dieting. Believe it or not, you can eat the delicious foods you love and have your ideal body!

By changing your relationship with food you will never have to go on another diet again.

If you like the idea of eating satisfying, delicious food and never going hungry... the Sacred Body philosophy is for you.

Nancy Valiquet, Author "As a weight loss counselor I know how hard it is to lose that weight without losing your enjoyment of life. That's why I wrote this book to guide you to achieving your sacred body and all the joys that come with it."
— Nancy Valiquet, Author

Follow 'The Way' to Your Sacred Body

Think of how your life would be if you could eat whatever you desire, enjoy dining at restaurants with your friends and enjoy the small pleasures that come from simple things, like an ice cream cone on a hot summer's day. Wouldn't it be great if you could do all of these things and still have your ideal body?

Well, you can!

You will learn the strategies that deal with the root causes of weight gain. You will be presented with techniques that have been successful for thousands of weight loss clients who turned to Nancy Valiquet, a weight loss counselor and life long practitioner of the human potential movement, for advice. You will read real life stories of people who have won their weight loss battle using the Sacred Body philosophy.

You may be wondering how you can give up dieting to try these (r)evolutionary methods. Well, how many dieters do you know that are happy, healthy people? Obviously, dieting as we know it is the problem, not the answer. Nancy will share with you the lifestyle changes that will help you reach your ideal body once and for all, naturally and effectively.

Congratulations on being in the right place at the right time! Now, let's look at some of the questions Your Sacred Body will answer...

Your Questions Answered

The only obstacle to getting started immediately is having the right information. Your Sacred Body provides all the information you need to lose your weight naturally and effectively, without health hazards, expensive supplements or gimmicks, and keep it off for a lifetime. Your Sacred Body provides answers to questions like:

  • What exactly is the Sacred Body philosophy?
  • Why don't any of the diets I've tried seem to work?
  • What changes can I make in my lifestyle to achieve my ideal body?
  • How do I know what to eat?
  • How do I know how much to eat?
  • How long will it take to achieve my optimal weight?
  • How can I stay at my optimal weight for the rest of my life?
  • What's my strategy when I'm eating at a restaurant?
  • How can I get through holidays and special occasions without gaining weight?
  • How can I get more activity into my life in order to be healthier?
  • What are the 'right' foods when all the experts seem to disagree?
  • How can I uncover the hidden reasons for my weight problem?
  • How can I make cooking and eating a pleasurable part of my life without losing focus?
  • What's the best way to get started quickly and easily?

Our Diet Dilemma: How We Can
Reclaim Our Innate Sacred Body

You may already think you know how to attain your ideal body — eat less and exercise more, right? What sounds like the easiest thing to do is often the hardest. A shift in our eating and activity patterns over the last hundred years interferes with our innate ability to achieve optimal weight and fitness.

Throughout the Industrial & Information Ages we have been conditioned as to how we should look, act and live. This has created an obsession with diets and a quick fix mentality. We blindly rush from one diet plan to another, hoping it will end our weight loss struggles forever.

Our diets have changed from locally grown, whole, unprocessed foods to processed, nutritionally void, fake foods. This has contributed to the high incidence of obesity. We must go back to the future and rediscover our body's natural ability to eat the right foods, in the right amounts, and bring a natural equilibrium back into our lives.

Your Sacred Body is a roadmap for a journey to rediscover your birthright, the right to have vibrant health, energy and your ideal body. This is an uncommonly sensible approach that shows you how to eat in a mindful way and achieve your healthy, sacred body.

The 3 Phases of Losing Weight
and Keeping It Off Forever

You will learn how to feed your hunger and give your body the nutrients it needs to run at peak efficiency. You will renew your relationship with foods that have been known to be healthy for thousands of years, foods that will satisfy your hunger and feed your soul without sacrificing the innate pleasure of eating. You will discover your point of perfect consumption and your body will naturally return to its optimal weight.

Through a series of exercises, you will come to understand why you eat for comfort, to relieve stress and for pleasure. As you heal your relationship with food you will deepen your self awareness and see that your struggles are an opportunity for self-growth.

Finally, Nancy will show you how to share your newfound knowledge and understanding with others who are embroiled in the weight loss struggle. Through an interactive online support group you will be able to give and receive ideas & suggestions, for it is in service to others that we can truly heal ourselves.

Each section of Your Sacred Body brings you closer to achieving your ideal body:

Quest for the Ideal Body

Feed Thyself

Know Thyself

Heal Thyself

Here is the complete Table of Contents including: 20 information-packed chapters, personal stories, PLUS helpful guides that you can print out to help you on the journey to your sacred body:

Your Sacred Body
An Uncommonly Sensible Approach to Diet,
Weight Loss and Self Transformation

PART I: Quest for the Ideal Body

  • The Obsession with Diets
  • Diets are Destined to Fail
  • The Propaganda of Dieting
  • A Paradigm Shift
  • Go 'Back to the Future'

PART II: Feed Thyself

  • The First Principle: Our Problem is not Food
  • The Second Principle: Eat What You Love
  • The Sacred Body Philosophy
  • The Third Principle: Healthful Eating Begins with Good Nutrition

PART III: Know Thyself

  • Look Inward and be Authentic
  • Accept Your Perfect Self
  • Appreciate the Perfection of Your Life

PART IV: Heal Thyself

  • Sacred Body Rituals
  • Enjoying the Innate Pleasure of Eating
  • Meditate Your Way to Mindfulness
  • Journaling to Illuminate Your Deepest Self
  • Goals — Your Personal Roadmap
  • HabitsStepping Stones to Your Destiny
  • Arsenal of Alternatives
  • Motivation is a Must
  • Receiving and Giving Support

Your Journey Begins...

Achieving your sacred body is a journey. It requires a commitment to stay on the path, and motivation to be the best that you can be. Your Sacred Body will inspire you to persist with passion. Your Sacred Body may seem like the answer to your weight loss struggles, but because you've tried so many other programs with little to no longstanding success, how can you be sure? The answer is, you'll only know for sure when you apply the Sacred Body philosophy and see it working for you.

Here's what you'll find in Your Sacred Body:

  • 110 information & inspiration packed pages filled with what you'll need to know to succeed
  • Why conventional dieting does not work
  • Why a shift in our eating and activity patterns over the last 100 years has interfered with our innate ability to achieve optimal weight and fitness
  • The Spectrum of Concentrations shows you how to select the optimal food choices for you
  • 3 critical steps to achieving and maintaining your ideal body
  • Strategies to help you conquer eating at restaurants, on holidays and special occasions
  • Inspiring true stories of how others have created their perfect body
  • Exercises that teach you to become aware of emotional eating and help you to overcome it
  • How to enjoy the innate pleasure of eating
  • Why the Sacred Body philosophy will work for you when conventional dieting has failed

PLUS, you can print our helpful guides that will ensure you will choose the foods that give you vibrant health and a slim body. You are within hours of learning what you need to know to change your life for the better.

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Welcome to Your Sacred Body!

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